DIY Wifi Speaker

So, I want to make an alarm clock that plays my spotify playlist instead of the annoying normal sounds. I was thinking about using a raspberry pi zero w, because of the ease of use. Is there some kind of os which turns the raspberry pi into a wifi speaker? Or should I do it completely different? Would love to hear your ideas :slight_smile:

I can recommend the Creative pebble 2.0 USB speakers if you don’t have speakers to attach to the Pi already.

An easy way would be to put Kodi on the Pi zero. Home assistant can control it like any media player.

Or squeezebox.

did you do something in this way?

Yes, I have at least 7 squeezeboxes, incl 1 based on a raspberry pi.

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can you show me your type of squeezeboxes? This ugly logitech radio with a knob?
And your able to make notifications as well the boxes are in standby?

I have:

2 Logitech Boom
1 Logitech UE Radio with squeezebox firmware flashed
1 Logitech Touch
1 Logitech Duet (actually there is another in a box somewhere)
2 Logitech Classics
1 Pi 3 running picoreplayer with a 7 inch touch screen connected to an amplifier

Yes, some of them have a knob (Boom and Radio).

I am not sure what you mean by “standby”. The state is “off”, “idle” or “playing”. You can use tts to send an alert/notification in any state, but if it is “off” the tts system will turn it to “playing” and then “idle”.

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