DIY Zigbee button

Hi guys, I’d need 2 Zigbee devices with 2 Buttons each, since some suitables devices are quite expensive i’ve chosen to look for a DIY solution. I searched the internet for some infos and i think i got the infos for making them but, since i’m not expert in DIY Zigbee I’d ask for your help.

Here is what i found:

I use PTVO firmware configuration to make the firmware for the module in a way like this:

This is the module i’m plannig to flash:

For what i read I’d need CC debugger to flash the firmware to this module, but i couldn’t find a wiring diagram.

And finally each module will have 2 buttons (GPIO Inputs) of these:

These are the infos i gathered on the web after some days of searching. But since I’m a newbie I don’t know if that would be the right way or if it will work.

Thanks in advance.

Search for flashing zigbee2mqtt firmware to cc2531 usb stick - there are many options, including just a raspberry pi without any additional hardware. Flashing 2530 modules is exactly the same, you just use PTVO custom firmware. I used exactly this touch button with cc2530 and it works. Keep in mind, free version of this firmware is not well suited for battery operation, you need to buy a license for power management. And it doesn’t work well with ZHA, you need to use zigbee2mqtt.

Thanks, the CC2530 don’t need to be battery operated so the free version will work for me. And also i use zigbee2mqtt with a CC2531 usb stick in HA.

So i will wire the module to the CC debugger, flash the firmware, once it’s flashed power it off and wire the buttons. Is that right?

One more question, for powering the CC2530 i will use a 3.3V power supply but where do i attach the V+ and V- wires?

Yes, or wire the buttons first, then flash:)

There’s usually VCC and GND pins, + to VCC, - to GND.

Flashing (and powering) the CC2530 is explained here :

Not sure I understand 100% what you’re trying to achieve, but the Ikea 2 button remote (dimmer) is 7€, so the same price as your parts afaict.

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Got it, thank you very much for the help.

Thanks, I can also check the powering method they used to power mine.

I would need the 2 buttons to be far apart, so it would be 1 board 2 far buttons or 4 single buttons, that’s why DIY would be cheaper for me.

I guess, if you don’t foresee any enclosure for your buttons…