DIY Zigbee led strips using IKEA TRÅDFRI Driver

Over the past holiday period, we decided to overhaul our dressing room.
We had an Ikea PAX wardrobe equipped with standard led strips and a dumb switch. So for the upgrade, we deciced not only to expand the closet space, but also to make the lighting more extensive and smart.
I had also still had an IKEA TRÅDFRI driver still laying around from another project and some spare 24V LED strips from our house renovation so I decided to test their compatibility.

I bought a VÅGDAL Connection cord, cut the connector of and exposed the 2 wire and connected those with some WAGO clips to the leads of the LED strip.

Low and behold: they work perfectly together.
The TRÅDFRI driver is Zigbee, so it allows me to control on/off and dimming of the LED strip through Zigbee2MQTT.

:warning: Some warnings for people who want to try this themselves: :warning:
The TRÅDFRI drivers have a max wattage of 30W in total output.
Although they have 9 ports to connect leads to, make sure that you don’t put all 30W on 1 port.
The highest wattage single light that connects to this system that IKEA sells today is an 8W LED kitchen light. So i kept this in mind as a safety margin.

Some picture of the work in progress:

Adding strips to the bottom of the shelves:

(P.S.: the pruning shears are to cut the MONTERA Cable trunking )

Mounting everything to the PAX wardrobe:

And turning the cable spaghetti into something more manageable:

More or less finished result:
I screwed all PAX units together and to the wall. Then finished the remaining gaps with MDF for a built-in look. Still needs some paint to finish it completely.

The LED drivers and cables all come together on the top (During the renovation, I put some 230V sockets above this height especially for this purpose). They are not visible from normal standing height, but to prevent dust build-up and to make use of the left over room, another set of closets will eventually be set on top. The drivers will get their own space in those.

(P.S.: yes, It was still a mess at this stage. We hadn’t moved everything to their new places yet.)