DIY Zigbee router

I have quite a few (approx 30) XBEE zigbee radios. I have Pro S2B, Pro S2, and Pro S2C models. I was thinking that it might be possible to use some of them as zigbee routers to strengthen the mesh network in my home. I have not planned to use them for anything other than routers. Has anyone successfully done this, and if so could you share the details of how you configured the XBee’s? I’ve connected to them using the XCTU software but I don’t know which version firmware to use and what the other parameters need to be.


Did you ever get an answer to this? I’m looking to use a couple Pro S2Cs to strengthen my mesh.

Flash them with the router firmware, should work great, I have multiple xbees in my mesh.

I’m pretty new to the Zigbee space. How do I determine which firmware to flash? For the product family XB24C, I see 3 function sets that each have multiple firmware versions. I’m currently using the ZIGBEE TH Reg 4061 (which says Newest).