DIYLess OpenTherm thermostat 2 unwanted delayed heating

I recently replayed my thermostat with an OpenTherm Thermostat 2 Manually controlling the thermostat via MQTT works as expected.

I have an automation set in the morning which should then start heating the house. As far as I can see the automation fires, the thermostat recieves the target temperature and after that the target temperature gets ignored it for x amount of time.

The image shows current temperature, heating and target temperature. To my understanding this is MQTT data from the OpenTherm Thermostat, so this is data from the device.

I want the heating to start when the target temperature is set and is much higher than the current temperature. I want no delay.

What can I do to fix this?

Did you try to send the same value twice?

Just as an assumption.

BTW which boiler do you have?