Djive Flowmate Tower One integration?

I own two Djive Flowmate Tower One fans which are integrated in my WiFi and can be controlled via remote control and iOS-app.
Now I want to control it also with Home Assistant but could not found any integrations (I tried several with “air”, “fan”, “climate”, but nothing worked).
Does anyone know a solution?


Could you please try tuya integration?

Well first of all you should try to set up the devices in the tuya app - if it works well and you can fully controll the fan - than you can try the integration!

Looking foorward for your test and reply!

It appears with a client id in the LocalTuya integration. But I don’t have the client-key (password) which is necessary.
I tried to add it with the Tuya Smart App on my iPhone but it’s not recognized, also adding it at the Tuya developer portal doesn’t work.
If I can obtain the client key somehow then it should be solved (at least I think so :wink: