DLINK DCS-5030L with HA

Hi everyone! I’m new to HA and wanted to get a used DLINK DCS-5030L. Wanted to double-check it’s compatibility with HA, issues I might face, and general experience for those who’ve used it with their install. Forums suggest posts for DCS-933L, noting generic camera integrations should be fine. Thanks!

I was using (for testing) DCS-5020L - older then 5030 model. And it worked.
I think I used ONVIF for connection type, and I also tested with motioneye and Synology Surveillence Station - all those integrated in HA nicely.

ok, that’s good to know since I will be picking this up from a kijiji trade - so no returns. One post mentioned that most dlinks support rtsp, and there’s a couple of youtube vids showing how to access the urls, so i’ll give this one a go and update. I hope someone can give feedback on the ptz and other functionality - which I already assumed I would lose, but since this is an older version, who knows?

Decided I would better off spending the extra bit for a newer camera where compliance and support will be more likely in HA

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