DNS IP hostname not configurable post addition?

Hello. HA newbie here, so forgive me if that’s not the most brilliant question. BTW, working great so far, on latest 2023.07.1 code.

I’ve installed the DNS IP integration to play around with IPv6 DynDNS and external access.

I’ve noticed that when “adding” a new instance of the integration, the topmost initial config field for “hostname” is present, with label “The hostname for which to perform the DNS query” and default value myip.opendns.com. OK.

Now, after adding the integration, when I try to re-configure that instance, only the two resolvers can be edited (IPv4, IPv6), but not the hostname field.

Is that intentional? Would I need to edit some YAML for that - and where would that be?

Of course, I can remove and re-create the DNS IP instance with whatever hostname value I like, but I wonder if there’s a reason that this detail is not editable once created?

Thanks, Matthias.

There are several threads about this with other integrations - apparently it’s a side effect of moving them into the GUI. General view seems to be that you have to remove the integration and re-install it.

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Sure. Thanks!