Dns log shows restart every second

I have installed current version OS 12.1, Core 2024.4.1 on a Raspi 4 and on a ThinkCentre m93p. No problems on the Raspi, but on the ThinkCentre:

“ha dns log” shows every second a new entry “INFO: Service restart after closing”. and names cannot be resolved, e.g. “requesting homeassistant_alerts data: Cannot connect to host alerts.home-assistant.io:443 ssl:default [Try again]” or “ping google.com” shows unknown.

Both computers are connected to the same router, and I cannot see any differences e.g. in /etc/resolv.conf, “ha docker ps”, “ha dns info”, etc., only the iPv4 IP´s are different. Both are in different VLANs connected to a Mikrotik router, and I already changed the VLAN´s. I’m using the Mikrotik DNS, on both system the same DNS server IP´s configured.

I have flashed again the image, and now it’s working!

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