Is there an Add On for a DNSCrypt client like DNSCrypt-proxy or Cloudflared?

I already have PiHole running and it would be nice to gen secured DNS as well.

I would like to avoid installing binaries manually and would prefer the add on for easy upgrades and maintenance

There is an addon for adguard plus which uses encrypted DNS (or so I believe).

AdGuard AddOn seems to be serving DNS over HTTPS however I found this open issue here

I use Cloudfare DNS servers and when using their testing dns server feature it says Im using DNS over HTTPS

however, it doesn’t seem Im using DNS over TLS.

I was using:
Letsencrupt (from duckdns addon)

I did to solve HTTPS over DNS:
Re-route it my m* odem to use DHCP servers to be able to use internet while doing all these changes (otherwise it may break here and there when restarting, etc)

  • Installed the AdGuard AddOn (and started the service)
  • Started transferring my configuration from piHole to Adguard (blacklist, adservers list, whitelist, etc)
  • Disable PiHole

However, Im still missing TLS over DNS.
Not sure if when Im enabling under the AddOn - WebUI tab: Settings > Encryption settings > Enable (without the 443, since Im running NGinx and to avoid conflicts) but leave DNS over TLS

However, I been having issues figuring out the path for the certificates (option: I could just copy paste the certificates, but when they renew automatically, wouldn’t I have to do it again? trying to avoid remembering that whenever I lose connectivity, etc)

What do you mean fix it? I don’t have any problem, I was offering a solution.