DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN when accessing https://mydomain.duckdns.org/lovelace

Hi, I have everything working localy, I can surf the internet fine, router ports are forwarded ok. If I go to the site mydomain.duckdns.org/lovelace I receive the below error


This morning everyuthing was working fine

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Duckdns has been having some problems recently, they seem to be relatively ‘on it’ for fixing them when they appear though so it’s usually short lived.

(confirm I can’t access mine by duckdns either, currently)


Im also having problems. (Germany)

Can confirm here also

Yup, me too. I was in the middle of monitoring some stuff on my system around 11:30 am MDT DNS resolution to my duckdns domain fails. Didn’t restart HA or anything for about 3 weeks now, suddenly cannot resolve the duckdns but the local name/IP still work fine.

Same problem here, but I can log into home assistant using my external IP address

Same from Italy…

well I solved buying a cheap domain and using cloudflare DNS and certificates