DNS requests to sentry.io (SOLVED)

First post, go easy on me. :slight_smile:

Since yesterday my Pi-hole has literary thousands of dns requests to an address I’ve never seen before. It’s recording 5 attempts a minute every 2-3 minutes to “o427061.ingest.sentry.io”. This only happened after I installed the latest Core update.
I don’t have any telemetry turned on, and I don’t use the Sentry integration.

Any ideas?

Anyone know what’s going on.


Hello Ceriain,

I noticed that too.
I have the same problem even without the latest update.
It first occured at the 3rd of November, since then it has sent round about 5000 DNS queries.
So I checked my statistics option in HA and Diagnostics was turned off,
because I thought, maybe it was suddenly turned on for some reason, that would explain the queries

Also the Update didn’t solve that Problem for me.

Those queries are to collect information about technical errors .
I mean I’m using Home Assistant explicitly to not have any data transmitted to a third party.

I have the same behavior. Over 3k queries to o427061.ingest.sentry.io today. Looking at the long term data in PiHole, it appears this behavior started around 4th November.

Looking at Backups in HomeAssistant, 3 days ago there was an update to nodered addon → addon_a0d7b954_nodered_13.5.0. Perhaps this addon is the reason?

My HA core is version 2022.10.5. I will try to update to 2022.11.1 and see what happens.

Thanks for the input, Adrian, but I don’t think it’s that. I have my Node-Red running on my old Pi3; been running on that for years, so no need for the HA add-on on my HA Pi4; but it is to do with one of the latest updates.

I notice this has been raised on Github; worth keeping an eye on this issue: DNS Requests for 'o427061.ingest.sentry.io' · Issue #81566 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

This is interesting, though: https://blog.sentry.io/2022/10/27/we-just-gave-260-028-dollars-to-open-source-maintainers/ I’m sure the timing is purely coincidental. :thinking:

EDIT: Done a bit of digging about in my logs; in the Supervisor logs are entries like this:

22-11-05 15:47:43 WARNING (raven-sentry.BackgroundWorker) [urllib3.connectionpool] Retrying (Retry(total=0, connect=None, read=None, redirect=None, status=None)) after connection broken by 'NewConnectionError('<urllib3.connection.HTTPSConnection object at 0x7f8be9b190>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 111] Connection refused')': /api/5370612/envelope/
22-11-05 15:48:43 WARNING (raven-sentry.BackgroundWorker) [urllib3.connectionpool] Retrying (Retry(total=2, connect=None, read=None, redirect=None, status=None)) after connection broken by 'NewConnectionError('<urllib3.connection.HTTPSConnection object at 0x7f8be98a00>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 111] Connection refused')': /api/5370612/envelope/

Like my Pi-hole there are hundreds (thousands?) of them, 3 a minute every minute. Note the “WARNING (raven-sentry.BackgroundWorker)”.

This logging has also been raised on Github: home-assistant/supervisor/issues/3973 (sorry, can’t link; only allowed 2 links)

I don’t have Sentry installed and all analytics are off, so what is it? What’s “phoning home”?

I’ve just noticed the same, the behaviour seems to have started tonight (05.11.2022).

Good question, i just can tell you it’s the same for me - no recent updates, all analytics are off as always.

That’s the weird thing - i, because of a number of odd freezes, am still running a quite old OS - i’m on 6.6 (whereas 7.6 is the most recent it seems).

Core is still at 2022.10.5 for me, no recent upgrades since then, no new integrations - it seems this has happened all by itself, literally over night.

Thanks, much appreciated - i’ll follow that issue…

I wonder what the actual f… is going on :frowning:

Up to this moment 3.789 DNS resolution requests for o427061.ingest.sentry.io since it started on 05 November at 08:20 CET.

Top of the top :rofl: :

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Thanks for taking the time to gather information on this behavior. I checked my instance and I have the same behavior like you.

I had Analytics turned on for my HA instance, thinking that if I don’t pay anything for this software, at least to give them some usage data to improve it.

Considering that changes like this are not transparent at all, I switched the analytics off and I will wait for a fix(hopefully) to stop phoning to sentry.io. I have no problem if the maintainers add the this as a feature, but it should give the user the ability to opt out if they don’t want.

I believe it started when Supervisor 2022.10.1 was installed … my production machine was on Supervisor 2022.10.0 and I had no messages… from that machine … while my beta/test machine was on Supervisor 2022.10.1 and I was getting the messages then… I turned off the Analytics and still was getting the messages,

you can find my Supervisor issue here : Repeating Error in the Supervisor Logs trying to send information to Sentry.io without my permission · Issue #3973 · home-assistant/supervisor · GitHub

Are you sure it is actually HA and not one of the integations or addons?
Try to list your addons and see if there is a common one.
I am on 2022.11.1 and see currently no connections.

my trigger to this issue was my PiHole Server Query Log showing a few thousand blocked inquiries to o427061.ingest.sentry.io at that point I had Analytics turned on… I turned them all off and rebooted and I still had the errors in my Supervisor log … seems to me it is no longer an opt in option… have a look at the HA Analytics web page… seems the dots have gotten a lot closer together at the end of October and the total has gone up a couple thousand installations… accidental or an intended outcome?

Yes I am.

Made a clean install, basic configuration on it and also see the sentry entry’s on my DNS Server

Any moderator or dev to clarify on the latter? :thinking:

maybe we can get an answer at

join us at the State of the Open Home on Sunday, November 13, 2022 (11:00 AM PST / 20:00 CET).

Would love to join. But… that’s 02:00 AM at where I am :crazy_face:

Thats funny its about 2AM here now…

You know… my issue on the supervisor repository has been open for 2 weeks now… I found it in the beta Cycle …someone started to assist and when I explained … they went silent…

Will see how fit I am on coming Sunday to Monday night. And I’ll check my timetable for Monday :slightly_smiling_face:

mdegat01 got back to me and explained the code to me… which I appreciate… its been pointed out that the sentry-sdk library has changed its behavior … potentially and I also believe it could be that my ad blocking list may have started blocking it at about the same time the version changed as well…

I actually thought the data was being captured to Nabu Casa … after reading the analytics web page and with issue arising I have just now realized the data was being sent to and collected by Sentry.io a third party vendor… had I known then I wouldnt have opted in… but that is on me…

Thanks for the updates, Jim.

…I have just now realized the data was being sent to and collected by Sentry .io a third party vendor…

Sold to Sentry more like; companies don’t give away money for nothing; looks like those ‘donations’ come with a price. As I said earlier, timing of this is suspicious: https://blog.sentry.io/2022/10/27/we-just-gave-260-028-dollars-to-open-source-maintainers/

Frenck has also posted an update here: DNS Requests for 'o427061.ingest.sentry.io' · Issue #81566 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

It’s “…not intentional”, “…the data is anonymous…”, “…doesn’t contain sensitive data…”, blah, blah, blah

Doesn’t stop my Supervisor and Pi-hole logs being any less unreadable, does it? :rage: /rant

Well the reasons I wouldnt have opted in (had I read the details)…

#1 if I opt out can I have my data removed??
#2 can I ask for my data not to be sold or shared with any one but Nabu Casa
#3 if there is a Data Breach will I be informed??
#4 Can I have a Copy of the Security audit (That seems to be locked behind some role to access on their site)

We dont know what arrangements / obligations / promises have been made to Nabu Casa (and probably never will)

but I can bet that the answer to the four questions is… NO

I just checked my pihole log, and the domains are there.
however, for me they were permitted. I just blacklisted them.
which important list am I missing?

And even so if it’s opt-in based for crash reports, I would have expected crash.home-assistant.io or something and not a 3th party thing.
for repairs HA alsways downloads the full list so they can’t figure your implementation based on a filter.
and here they are just using some component which probably makes it easier but you are loosing control over the privacy.

so i think this should be better. for now I block the domain however I doubt the subdomain will stay like this forever.

they are tranparent about this


If enabled, a crash report will be collected when an unexpected error occurs and uploaded to Sentry. These reports will help fix bugs and improve performance and stability.

Crash reports are only visible to the Home Assistant Core developers. This feature is currently limited to the Supervisor and OS-Agent.

but I have those requests in my pi-hole log even if there is no crash report.

I hope the will find a better way of gathering data soon.