DNS Settings

Hello. I’ve got a number of integrations not working anymore (Weather, Spotify, Radio Browser…) and I think it’s all down to the issue that they can’t connect to the outside world. Looking into the logs, I would see things like:

Access to https://aa015h6buqvih86i1.api.met.no/weatherapi/locationforecast/2.0/complete returned error 'ClientConnectorError'

Request exception for 'https://api.github.com/rate_limit' with - Cannot connect to host api.github.com:443 ssl:default [Try again]

After scratching my head many nights, I’ve eventually noticed this entry in my DNS settings: This used to be the IP address for my router. I’ve got a new router and its IP address is now I wonder if that’s not the issue.


I know how to change the entry under servers but not under locals. How can I remove or edit the entry under locals?

Thanks in advance.