Dnsmasq not configuring

I am running Home Assistant in an Oracle VirtualBox on a Windows 10 PC and trying to get remote access set up. I have it working, but I am trying to get the DNS resolutions to be correct, and perhaps they are, and I misinterpreted the video I watched. I installed dnsmasq and went to the configuration in YAML
When I do the save, it reverts back to the default

Your yaml is invalid. See the red line on the side? The border turns red when you’ve entered something invalid. Invalid config can’t be saved so it’s not actually saving when you try.

I assume the issue is you need two more spaces before ip. Since that is incorrectly indented and seems like it belongs with the duckdns hostname

Hi, don’t you need following at the end when using the yaml configuration?
log_queries: false

In addition to what looks like incorrect spacing, as mentioned by Mike, this configuration sets the public hostname something.duckdns.org to a private IP under 192.168/16.

The config checker may let you do this, but it’s forbidden by RFC 1918.