Do I have to uninstall Z-Wave JS before I install Z-Wave JS to MQTT

I have been running Z-Wave JS for a couple of months and it is working great except I need to add polling to a couple of switches. It is my understanding Z-Wave JS to MQTT allows for configuring polling. Do I need to uninstall Z-Wave JS before I install Zwave JS to MQTT. I tried installing the Zwave JS to MQTT with Z Wave JS already installed and I get this error. Driver: Error Resource temporarily unavailable Cannot lock port

I am pretty sure you don’t have to uninstall but you need to stop it as only one instance can access the zwave stick at a time.

Thanks, that worked.

I’m using zwave2mqtt. Will this be stop in future?
Can I install zwave js to mqtt also. Stop old addon and start new one? Will al entities be the same in HA? Or will it create new entities?

I have issues and I think I need to uninstall z-wave JS. I cant keep it stopped. I tried to disable it.
it kept restarting and can cause conflicts with z-wave js to mqtt.

Do anyone only have Z-Wave JS to MQTT installed and do not have Z.Wave JS installed?

The way I set mine up is I have the zwave2mqtt addon installed and running and then set up the zwavejs integration connected to the add-on url. The zwave2mqtt addon has documentation on how to do this on their git page

In HA, go to Configuration → Integrations → Z-Wave Js → Configure → Reconfigure Server. Uncheck the box for the supervisor, that will stop it from managing the official addon. Change the URL while you’re there, if necessary. Stop (and uninstall if desired) the official addon, restart the zwavejs2mqtt addon.