Do I need a controller to use z-wave devices with Home Assistant?


  1. As you’ve certainly guessed, I’m new to this. If I have z-wave devices, do I also need a z-wave hub/controller in order to use those devices? Or if I have this Home Assistant software, do I still need a hub/controller?

  2. All of the z-wave hubs on Amazon have less than a 4-star rating. Is z-wave not a good protocol/product?

  3. Not a question, but your website is EXCELLENT! I’ve been perusing it and you’ve put a lot of work into it with lots of details…and it looks great!


Zwave works fine, but the 4-star rating might be because the individual devices are pretty expensive (compared to some other options. However Zwave has two huge advantages: It’s a two way system, so you can request the status at any moment; and it creates a mesh network.

To get Zwave working you will need a hub/controller. Not sure whether they sell it in the US, but you could try and buy an Aeon Labs Z-Stick USB adapter. There are two versions, one includes an internal battery which is really helpfull if you want to “pair” devices to the controller.

Thank you!