Do I need a gateway for connecting Tuya BLE device?

Hi all.
I’m new to HA and just started my journey with setting up my HA.
I happen to have a CUBETOUCH II by Tuya. I followed a guide on how to add it to the Tuya IoT cloud project and I also installed LocalTuya integration, however, I’m not able to add the device as I don’t know what HOST I should configure or if I need a gateway of some sort and the LocalTuya doesn’t find the device.

So the question is, do I need one and/or can I use ESPHome Bluetooth proxy instead of buying a dedicated Tuya gateway?

Hey Gil80, did you test the ESP Bluetooth proxy? Did it work?


I tested it but it didn’t find any device, which is weird since I have BT devices where I placed it.

You need the Tuya Ble integration, you can install that one from Hacs!