Do I need multiple hubs?

So I recently took a step into the home automation world and got myself a pi and some hue playbars. Installing home assistant went smooth and I have setup some time based routeens.

I’m looking at ZigBee compatible bulbs and I’m a little confused regarding the hubs each various brand has. Is there not a universal hub that can talk to any brand of ZigBee bulb? I don’t like the idea of another hub !

Thanks in advance

The two primary ways of integrating Home Assistant with Zigbee-based devices, from a broad range of manufacturers, is by using either:

  1. Zigbee Home Automation
  2. Zigbee2MQTT

Both of them support several different kinds of what you described as a ‘universal hub’. Here’s a list of the ‘Zigbee coordinator hardware’ each one supports:

Once you’ve decided whether to use ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT, and chosen a supported adapter (‘universal hub’), all of your existing Zigbee devices must be de-registered (‘un-paired’) from your current Zigbee hub and registered (paired) with the new adapter.


Thanks @123 I’ve ordered a preflashed usb with zigbee2MQTT on!