Do I need Phillips bridge if I have SkyConnect

Also, I see that Philips Hue is not shipped to my country on Amazon. Anyone has tested this product in AliExpresss:

No, you don’t. The Hue bulbs can be managed with the Skyconnect.

I have both the Hue Bridge (running most of my Phillips devices) and a Skyconnect for most other Zigbee stuff. There are some advantages, although you don’t need to do this. Two advantages are a) Many behaviours through the Hue bridge are more robust - for example switching many bulbs at once b) If I were to die/depart/be on a business trip and my Home Assistant were to fail, at least my other half would continue to be able to switch on the lights.

You can operate the Hue stuff through home assistant via the bridge.

The main disadvantage is that of having a smaller (and therefore perhaps less robust) Zigbee network on the skyconnect.

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