_Do not update_ egardia/woonveilig

Egardia/Woonveilig has seemingly joined the ranks of the useless e-waste producers. After the last update (Gate-03) they have closed off the local webserver stopping all communications with Home Asssistant.

I have registered a support call with them, to see if this can be reversed.

Watch out with the Woonvewilig app, it has an update button which when pressed ploughs ahead with the update without a confirmation dialog (or release notes)

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I’ve talked to customer support. They are unwilling to assist in this matter. I guess this is the end of the Egardia integration :frowning:

First time I heard of them and looking on their website it just looks they take some white label solution directly from china and just sell it multiple times more expensive in EU. I expect the external battery powered sensors to work with 433 or 868MHz. The base station might have a esp8266 or esp32 - if so esphome can be installed including a web server that the vendor took

I actually replaced the internal battery some months ago and went looking for chip types and headers. Didn’t recognise anything though. Communication in on 868MHz (z-wave), but the transmission is encrypted (the first generation wasn’t). From a Home Assistant point of view it is junk when there is no access to the internal webserver.

Following this thread, had mine updated yesterday and all automations/polls are now indeed failing. Hope there will be an alternative (to use their cloud or restore access through a different HTML path or something)

It would be interesting how the vendor/seller reacts if one (or more) customers would request a full refund (e.g. with returning the hardware) because functions that were available at the moment of the initial transaction are taken away with the latest updates.

While that is very normal for today’s standard (not owning the things) and having to expect with every update that functionality decreases or former free functions suddenly turn into paid services - it’s still sh!t.

I’ve reached out to the Egardia service desk and this is their reply:

We have received your request to release the alarm center for local use. We have decided to grant this under the following 2 conditions:

  1. we can no longer guarantee system security.
  2. we can no longer provide an operational guarantee and full support from WoonVeilig/Egardia.

If you agree with the above conditions, please reply to this email, after which we will release the local IP panel (GUI) for internal use again.

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Did this company has to do something with “security”?

I expect (EU based company) that they just do this (now) to avoid that the owners of their products have the right to return the system for a full refund because they degraded basic functionalities that existed at time of purchase.

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