Do you have a dashboard for your phone?

I have two tablets that I use but most of the time I’m not near them and I want quick access on my phone. I can pull up the entire HA dash but it’s not that mobile friendly so I was just going to create another dashboard sized for mobile access. Do other people do this or is there a better approach?

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I think the best approach is to make HADashboard “mobile friendly” by using fewer rows/columns, several dashboards and just link between them. I have one dashboard for my sensors, two dashboards for my lights and scenes, several dashboards for my media players, and so on…
Like you, I want to have quick access, and all my dashboards are made to fit my phone (I don’t use tablet at all).
This is what my main dashboard looks like (sorry for the norwegian language):

It fits my Sony Xperia X (360x640). The tiles are 116x120 and have 3x3 margins.

That looks nice. Do you think pages are better than vertical scroll? What do the bottom two buttons do?

Do you just open it in a browser or use an app that always loads that single webpage?

For me, several pages (or dashboards) are a better solution than vertical scroll.

The bottom left tile is the navigate widget with the url to my hassio (http://hassio.local:8123), and the bottom right tile is the reload widget.

I use the ability in Chrome to add a webpage to Android homescreen (I guess IOS has the same possibility). Then you have a nice HADashboard icon on your homescreen :grinning:

i have HAD a dashboard on the phone from my wife.
but because she didnt use it its gone now.

there is 1 small dashboard with only 1 switch that she still has.
that is to silence a movement alarm when it goes off at night.

@ReneTode …and that’s the beauty of HADashbord. The possibilities are endless whether you use a phone or a tablet.
Thank you. I’ve learned a lot by reading your posts.

glad to be of any help.

and indeed the flexibility is making that everything is possible, all you need is a creative mind :wink:

It’s great to use HADashboard as web page or in WallPanel, but I would be so happy to get it as a permanent widget on one of my phone or tablet screen.

you mean in the startscreen from your mobile?
that cant be done unless you create an andoid widget that shows a webpage.

HADashboard is a server that generates webpages, nothing more.

I’ve tried various android apps who suppose to do that, but did not find any stable enough to get it working.

i havent looked at something like that.
i use the dashboards mostly for my walltablets.


Just add the webpage to your Home Screen and what iOS do after pressing the Icon is to open an App like WebPage WITHOUT address fields and navigation. Only scrolling is allowed.
I´m sure this works in Android as well.

Is that what you looking for?

greeeeeez from Vienna

My goal is to have a widget in the home screen, nos a shortcut.
Thank’s anyway.
From Chile

there are apps that give you the possibility to put a webpage on your homescreen.
but it has a big disadvantage: when you want the widget continously available it drains the power from your battery very fast!

I use web widget from to have my HaDasboard on one of my screen.
I made a specialy crafted dasboard to fit the screen.