“Do you want to setup x?” Pop up stays after selecting ok when adding any integrations

Every time I add an integration the “do you want to add x?” “Cancel” “ok” pop up comes up. When I click “ok”, the pop up menu stays in the forefront while the next pop up comes up in the background. I can’t get rid of the pop up. Luckily, I’m severely visually impaired and use a screen reader (voiceover on iOS) so I can navigate through the background pop up to enter email/password and select “ok” which will close the pop ups and allow me to continue. However, it is very confusing as to which “cancel” or “ok” buttons I’m selecting as the focus always goes to the forefront pop up and I have to triple check that I’m in fact on the background pop up or I have to start over from the beginning. Any ideas on how to fix this. I’m running haos on a virtual machine. Core 2024.4.4, supervisor 2024.04.0, os 12.2, front end 20240404.2. Pic below for sighted individuals.

Please report this issue here:

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