Dobiss lights integration

i want to make a socket connection to retrieve the state when i switch something one with my classic switches on the wall, now i have a script that i fire every x sec …
so every time i make a new connection
just wanted to make one connection , so i can use a custom component

The controller can only have 1 active connection at a time I think. My dobiss2mqtt used to create a single connection and keep it open. And periodically send a request for the state expecting a single reply each time. But that made the dobiss apps malfunction as they themselves couldn’t fully interact with the controller anymore.

Ah, but I don’t have the dobiss apps, it doesn’t exist for the evolution series… Only a webserver app, that I don’t use anymore…

Can you see when you have a connection open, something without polling? Push technique instead of poll?

No. There’s no pushing as far as I know. That is what I also hoped for. Being able to just send a command to say ‘send me an event on every keypress’ and to then receive a message for every keypress. If you can figure it out that’d be great. I’d love to implement the protocol then :slight_smile:

Especially because the bus protocol dobiss uses internally is an eventbased mechanism. What they expose to the outside world is something very different it seems.

Ok, thx for feedback, maybe i can ask the guy where I received the dobiss info from, to help me started :wink:

Started my own thread about dobiss2mqtt here: Dobiss2mqtt to avoid spamming this thread. Sorry for spamming here @rmeekers :slight_smile:

just wanted to share the work I did on integrating dobiss NXT in home assistant: Dobiss NXT support

Verry Nice!!

@kester, here you go
should be nice if this could be a custom component, instead of template stuff
i am not a coder at all, just a good googler :slight_smile:


I have a Dobiss Ambience PRO system, and started writing a custom component years ago. I uploaded what I had here:

It used to work nicely, but for some reason it behaves unreliable in recent Home Assistant (hassio) versions.

Maybe the code is useful for someone. If there is a lot of interest I will work on it some more when I find some free time. But because polling too fast can crash the Dobiss controller I am more interested in the direct CAN solution being worked on here: Dobiss2mqtt

Kind regards,

Oh, nice!! Why didn’t you tell before about that custom :slight_smile:
Seems link is dead…

I am using canbus too, it’s instant!!
Allthough, looking for someone to help ,with coding on a device instead if the esp module…

I have polling on 5 sec with the code, never had issues with it

Apparently the repository was private. I changed it to public. Please note that this was more of a backup repository for my config files (which I never used), so don’t expect nice documentation or anything like that.

I just thought I was the only fool wanting to integrate Dobiss into HA :slight_smile:

Some things I never got around implementing:

  • smarter polling mechanism so we can poll a module once instead of every time one of its outputs are polled
  • Automatic discovery of the Dobiss installation. I have some working C++ code available for that if anyone is interested (I started a Qt C++ application before I even heard of Home Assistant, more than five years ago)

Indeed, I used five seconds as well without issues.

Problem is that if we want to actually use Dobiss switches to control stuff, it has to be less than a second. And that makes the Dobiss system unstable.

That’s why I stopped trying because I didn’t find the time to optimise the polling system (smarter management of which modules needs to be polled, queueing the requests and then actual polling in a separate thread).

But the CAN method sounds like the perfect way to do it. I don’t have a lot of experience with electronics hardware, but I am an experienced (C++) developer. So after ordering all hardware I found in this thread, I will order the device as well. That together with the info in this thread should get me started.

I am more than willing to help with coding. I don’t have a lot of free time at the moment though: I need to finish my attic so my almost-one-year son can have his own room :slight_smile:

Perfect , order it on Ali, much cheaper

Too late :slight_smile:

Perfect, faster delivery then :slight_smile:

If you have a look at the code: use the develop branch instead of master. The develop branch contains the code to create this into a proper integration. It doesn’t work correctly on my setup, but I am going to have a look at it tonight.

What i was thinking about was using an esp and emulating the nxt code
That way we can use the same api as dosiss.
so that way the ‘official’ add-on can be used.

options are c++ or micropython
esp’s can be programmed like an arduino

als je er de evolution code inzet wil ik wel eens testen? :slight_smile: de hex code die ik moet sturen is iets anders
PS: ondersteun je ook dimmers?