Docker and RS232 via IP

I have moved from a pi to docker. Everything is working well except I am unable to use USB to serial adapters (using win docker)

Does anyone know how to setup some Serial to Ethernet adaptors in docker?

I am not an expert and I can’t work out how to get ser2net working.

Does anyone have a guide (cant find one) or know how I can install and config this component in a hass docker image?


Look into --devices call for docker

Enabling rs232 dongle should require same as enable zwave. Just define device when build container. I have not tested rs232 however

This feature doesn’t work with Windows docker :frowning:

I am using Windows server 2019 which had docker native but this still does not work

Yeah…I wasnt sure about that. Sorry. I thought you were asking re USB>>serial>>Ethernet not Ethernet>>serial

I think even this case you require --devices since Windows views these device as port and not network

Maybe easier to use separate device for rs232, like your RasPi, and connect via mqtt