Docker based homeassistant won't boot ... hangs at autoboot prompt

After a power outage, my docker based HA install hangs at the autoboot prompt and wont continue.
Stupid me, did not backup the configuration.
Any suggestions as to how to approach this … I’m well versed in linux, but not docker.
Even if there were a way to recover the configuration would be helpful.

HA config should be on host server. Confirm this.

HA in docker wont “hang”. Is either still setting up integrations and just not ready (be patient) or fatal error HA container will stop completely.

docker ps
This will tell you if HA container is running
You’ll get of list of all currently running docker containers

This software is UI for docker and allows you to easily see running log for container. If docker is not your thing this helps with troubleshoot or see status

I should have provided more details.
I’m using a hassos-ova-4.13 image running on virtualbox.
I don’t have an o/s prompt to try anything.
I’m guessing something got corrupted when the power went out.
I might try setting up a Debian VM and adding the docker vdi to see if I can mount it.

Not the exact issue but take a look at this post. Also might be a good idea to post on that virtualbox forum and start a new thread if the linked topic doesn’t help. This isn’t necessarily home assistant specific, ie you have a corrupt VM you are trying to recover data from.

Hopefully you can at least recover the config files, restore, then of course backup moving forward.