Docker bluetooth

I converted my Home Assistant from rpi3 to ubuntu on my esxi server. I plugged in my bluetooth dongle and ubuntu picked it up.

Now on my home assistant there is a problem. Everytime home assistant reboots I have to run hcitool hci0 reset for it to work. If I don’t do that and do a hcitool lescan I get: Set scan parameters failed: I/O error After I reset it and do a scan I do get all devices.

Is this a common problem?
I really want to ditch the Pi but I always have problems with bluetooth.

I also tried the hassos ova. But Bluetooth refused to work there as well.

This is not ubuntu/docker issue but that not help you much.

How is bluetooth device connecting? Usb dongle?Maybe this is device problem not server issue.

I have usb coral but it disconnect after server reboot due to PCIe usb card need reconnect after boot. I move to PCIe coral to solve issue.

Maybe PCIe bluetooth card have better success.

Also I think I read problem other user have with exsi and passing through devices but I forget.

Yeah Bluetooth doesn’t work that well on home assistant. Only on the Pi it’s great but all other installations have trouble with any Bluetooth stick I tried. So skipping that. But I do have a rpi3b spare now. Is it possible to use the pi as a BLE to mqtt or something? So the BLE comes in to the pi and it converts it to mqtt and sends it to mqtt on HA.

It’s for these Xiaomi temp sensors: lywsd03mmc
Tips anyone?


Look into eventstream and statestream interventions. With this you could separate bluetooth on another install of HA on RasPi

Don’t know anything about that. But isn’t that for 2 HA setups. I want to clear my pi and run some software that gets the BLE data and sends it to mqtt on HA on my esxi. Just like an ESP32 board.