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I have the following containers in my Docker on my Synology NAS.

Can someone share their Docker-Compose.yaml file so that I can install all these containers with all the necessary permissions and ports by just executing docker compose command in case there is a need to install these containers on a new device.

Containers currently operating on my Docker on Synology NAS :

  1. Home Assistant
  2. Docker
  3. Node-red
  4. Influxdb
  5. Grafana
  6. HA-Dockermon
  7. Watchtower
  8. MQTT

Additionally, can you suggest any additional containers which may be useful in my Home automation setup?

Planning to use this as a guide to build my own Docker compose.
Any thoughts on how to include Node Red in this file?

If i was to install on a Synology i’d probably go with using the OVA image and drop in a VM rather than use the built in docker. Then you’d have a mini Hass environment and the ability to use addons rather than over complicate with with manual container creation. Just my 2c’s though.

@CBRHerms how can I install Hassio on my docker container?? I have downloaded the .spk file. What are the next steps?