Docker HA Supervisor Integration


I’m new on HA and i have installed HA with Docker.
It’s working great (HA is awesome!)

But, i have found that the supervisor tab was missing.
After some search, i have found an shell script :

But it’s not look like working, i have configured it with a docker-compose file…

Is there any way to get the supervisor on my docker instance ?
Per example, i would like to have some addons like the AdGuard and DuckDNS on my HA

Thank you,

No you can’t install supervisor like this. You are running Home Assistant Container. See here for a detailed overview of the different install methods.
You can either install Home Assistant Supervised on top of a generic linux system or install Home Assistant OS (depending on the hardware you use). Both will give you the supervisor and add-ons.
If you want to keep your current install, you need to create the addons yourself. Add-ons are just docker containers configured specially to fit in the Home Assistant eco system.

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Hello, Thank you for your fast reply.

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:
So, there is no way to have the adguard interface like with the supervisor on my HA, even if i install it in a different container than HA ?

You can install Adguard in a separate container, but it will not show up in the side panel in Home Assistant. You can however create an iframe that will be shown in the side panel of Home Assistant that leads to the adguard web interface.
What hardware are you using? I’d suggest installing it with one of the methods I posted above. It will save you a lot of time, especially as a new user.
Do you have a specific reason to keep runnig it like you do now or were you just not aware of the other options?

Okay, i’ll try the iframe thing, i hope the result will be like the same as the HA addon one :slight_smile:
I have a RaspberryPi 3.
I’m using docker to implements my own IA + Software + HA, all in one device.

Thank you for your help.

What is IA?

Here’s a link to the iframe panel I mentioned.

This works fine for me.

I also suggest installing portainer, to manage the docker stack through a GUI. Have to admit tho that I don’t use it that often as I’m more of a command line guy :slight_smile:

*AI (artificial intelligence) sorry. I’m working on a project, i’m developer ^^

Thank you for your suggestions and your help :slight_smile:

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Ah, now I got it :slight_smile:

Just as a tip, personally I’d dedicate a Pi only for Home Assistant and keep it separately from the AI stuff, as you probably don’t want the system that controls your home to be unavailable because you were playing with AI stuff or other things you are running on the Pi.

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