Docker hub authentication required

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I have tried multiple times to upgrade HASS since there are announcements screaming from all corners of the universe telling me that I should. Every single attempt fails with “Authentication Required”. I even logged in with Docker Hub and my very first attempt failed. I’m on a metered satellite link so this is becoming a very expensive headache. Any advice?

You do not need to login to Docker hub to download HASS images. But recently Docker introduced a pull limit rate for both registered and unregistered users.

Anonymous free users will be limited to 100 pulls per six hours, and authenticated free users will be limited to 200 pulls per six hours.

Response code should be HTTP 429.

So a week later, I’m still having this problem. I’m on a satellite connection on my provider performs NAT upstream of me so I’m probably being penalized for other people sharing my public IP who are also using docker hub. I do have real-world IPv6, but I haven’t figured out how to force docker to use it. The reliance on Docker Hub seems like a weak link to me.

I was running in venv, but was urged by this community to switch to docker since I didn’t want to turn my OS inside-out to run Python 3.9.

So now I find myself at two dead-ends with HASS. I’m not really sure what to do next.

> sudo docker pull homeassistant/raspberrypi3-homeassistant:stable
[sudo] password for lnelson:
stable: Pulling from homeassistant/raspberrypi3-homeassistant
c58e8a26a840: Pull complete
f10e8bc13856: Pull complete
656b6b4cd2a0: Pull complete
820636ff2ca0: Pull complete
3d4b95cb2b39: Pull complete
25237098318a: Pull complete
44adc68dc52e: Downloading [==================>                                ]   17.1MB/46.98MB
a8a75ceaf770: Download complete
a8a133c87d62: Download complete
e247ec263b3a: Download complete
c6e420129810: Downloading [=======>                                           ]  4.832MB/34.33MB
73e57710f31e: Downloading
2cfdf0acb313: Waiting
b2ba44748e78: Waiting
f902d3c3b2fb: Waiting
d70334c72a08: Waiting
eccdc71b2aac: Waiting
a70ebd7e1f10: Waiting
1c94951e82bd: Waiting
b05c34d7313e: Waiting
9aabcd3f6287: Waiting
438493330f00: Waiting
592e9bdc97b8: Waiting
a91868804ef1: Waiting
0333dba79016: Waiting
618ad68197c9: Waiting
unauthorized: authentication required