Docker image (home-asssitant:latest) - Who updates it and when?

I’m just curious who updates the docker container for the ‘latest’ release?

Registry can be found HERE on DockerHub

I’m currently on 2021.12.2 and want to move to 2021.12.3.

But the ‘latest’ is still running 12.2

I just updated my Home Assistant container to 2021.12.3. Since 2021.7 I’ve stopped using the latest tag, since they started using the series version tags with that release, and it was recommended to use that instead in the release notes.

I’ve read the latest tag should be avoided, as it can be unreliable as to what image it points to.

I just pulled the update for 2021.12.3 by specifying version 2021.12 like this in my compose file:

image: 'homeassistant/home-assistant:2021.12'

Specifying 2021.12 will pull the newest sub release, which right now pulled 2021.12.3. I just change the version tag in each new release (last was 2021.11, 2022.2 will be next, etc)

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Do you have further info on the ‘version tag’ config?
I’m using Docker in a Synology, so each time it’s easy to install the ‘:latest’ tag and duplicate my container.

I use a docker compose in portainer. So to update, I just go to the stack screen in portainer, edit the HomeAssistant stack, change the version number in my compose (ie 2021.11 to 2021.12), and hit deploy stack and it recreates the container for Home Assistant with the newest update.

version: '3.3'
        container_name: homeassistant
            - '/$PATHTOYOURCONFIG:/config'
            - TZ=$YOURTIMEZONE
            - PUID=1000
            - PGID=1000
        restart: always
        network_mode: host
        image: 'homeassistant/home-assistant:2021.12'

I’m not as familiar with synology, but if you specify the tag as 2021.12, duplicate/recreate won’t pull the newest images after the next major release of 2022.2 would come out (you would have to update your tag to point to the new version).

It is up to the developers to specify manually what version “latest” points to. I’m sure they will get around to it but it’s extra steps so the “latest” version may not be available immediately upon a new release.

So you don’t have to update the tag every release, you may have better luck with the “stable” tag instead of “latest”, as mentioned in the documentation to install on docker. I just ran
docker pull homeassistant/home-assistant:stable
and can confirm it pulls the latest version 2021.12.3

Documentation showing use of :stable is below: