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Docker image homeassistant/raspberrypi3-homeassistant and others are not following tagging convention of homeassistant/home-assistant. Please include tag such as stable


All of the device specific hardware docker images are not following the tagging that is used by the homeassistant/home-assistant image and will have beta images tagged as :latest. During the time while the betas are available you must manually update your docker config to pull a specific version instead of the latest stable version. If not a user can end up pulling the beta version inadvertently before all of the documentation is published.

Credit to ZetaPhoenix for writing this up. https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/22690


More info about the latest tag https://medium.com/@mccode/the-misunderstood-docker-tag-latest-af3babfd6375 :slight_smile:

IMO this FR should be reworded to a request for adding a new tag, like stable :slight_smile:


I installed Home Assistant on my Raspberry Pi 3 following this tutorial. I was under the impression that I’d installed the latest stable version of Home Assistant, but I just figured out that this was actually not the case. By using no version or tag in the Docker command, I automatically got the latest version of the image which (at the time of writing) is a beta build.

As not everyone is a Docker guru and will probably be assuming they’re running the latest stable version, this is something that should definitely be looked into. Either that, or it should be mentioned on the Installation page that you need to select a specific version when creating a container.