Docker image w/supervisor + kubernetes

Hi all,

I’m doing my first steps with HA. My plan is the following:

Installing HA in a Kubernetes cluster:
status: done and working
image: home-assistant:stable

This is working ok. When I started playing with the app I’ve seen supervisor is not active. It’s my understanding supervisor is not part of this image and can’t be installed inside the app, it must be part of the OS.

Knowing I’m using kubernetes, I need to use an image including all.

Question: Anyone has an image with HA + supervisor?

Create an image with HA + Supervisor:

Looking at the project github, I’m using the following repos:

Trying to build the images, checking the actions in github to see how is building images, can’t find the paras values.

Question: anyone knows if there is any documentation for building the images? or if all the params are stored in any file?

If anyone wants to help on this adventure, we can have a chat.

thanks for your help

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I would be willing to help you out on this! I am planning to build a kubernetes cluster on raspberry pis. I would like to attempt this as well so that I could have addons and the benfits of kubernetes!

Plus it would be sad to have one less pi in my kubernetes cluster…

Let me know if you are still able to explore this!

This has been a topic of long discussion it seems. See here Kubernetes vs. Supervisor - #32 by davosian