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I am trying to implement HA using Docker and Portainer. I noticed there was an update for HA in Portainer. I stopped the current container and re-created it by pulling down the latest image. Using homeassistant/home-assistant:latest I am not sure its getting the latest image(is the latest image 2022.8.5??). When I look at the container it is telling me the image version is 2022.7.5. How can that be?


Stopping a container means having it remains on its known image.
You downloaded a new image so you should map the container to it…this can be done in portainer too
In fact… it needs to be recreated from the new image…hence

If you are using portainer, I would highly recomend configurating a “stack”. This is basically a docker compose file that is handled by the portainer ui. This makes updating images far easier in my view. Just update your stack, hit deploy and all configuration changes and necessary images are updated.

There is a post here from the other day that has a stack example for HA Docker

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In Portainer I stop the existing container and then recreate with a new image pull. This should pull the new image down and then recreate the container, which it looks like is going on. I then start the newly recreated container and it runs. The red light that is on Portainer turns green, so it seems it is getting the updated image, but the container still says its running 2022.7.5