Docker install previous HA version

Usually this is the command I use to install Home Assistant in docker.


docker pull homeassistant/home-assistant:stable
docker run -d \
 --restart=always \
 --name=homeassistant \
 -h homeassistant \
 -e PUID=1001 \
 -e PGID=1001 \
 -e TZ=Europe/Nicosia \
 --net=host \
 -v homeassistant:/config \

I’m in a situation where I have to perform a new HA installation, but install version 0.106.5. (which is quite old, I know).

Is it possible to install this version in docker?

The version you choose here is stable. When using docker images you have most time three components


repository/image:tag where the tag is the version. You can go to docker hub and find the needed tag

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worked great, thank you!