Docker Installation How to


I’m new to the community but fairly excited to migrate over to Home-Assistant.

I have a Lenovo TS140 server for my NAS used for media and backups. I use Openmediavault as the OS and they have a Docker plugin. Instead of setting up a separate raspberry pi or odroid to run home assistant I thought it would be beneficial to run H-A on my existing server since it has plenty of resources (xeon processor, plenty of ram).

I don’t have a great understanding of Docker so I’m starting from scratch. I installed docker on my laptop to try and do a trial run. I was able to install docker, open a container and get H-A up and running. I could access the H-A demo site but my issue was I couldn’t find where the config file is stored inside of the docker environment? I tried to find it and just couldn’t. At that point I was pretty lost and couldn’t get any further.

Are there anymore detailed Docker Installation instructions?

when you setup docker container you must map Ports and Volumes.

The Volumes map to file or folder or host machine.
This is normally a file or folder that you want to remain persistant (remains after container is destroyed and may be reused in new container builds). This will be things like configs.

for HA you would do something like
docker run -v /docker/homeassistant:/config -p 1883:1883 -p 8123:8123 --name=HASS–026 homeassistant/home-assistant:0.26

the -v identifies that Volume to be mapped.
the host volume /docker/homeassistant will be link to the docker container’s volume /config
when you download docker images you should review the docker file in the documentation. it will provide more detail of this in some case.