Docker installation

I’ve installed HA on Docker on an Ubuntu VM. Everything is working fine but I have a huge problem.
My Disk increases 15GB per day with Docker logs.
Does anyone has or had this problem?
I’ve tried redirecting the logs from the containers to one file and also edit daemon.log to limit the size of logs, but nothing worked. My containers are 5.3GB and my VM disk from 100GB is now 62GB and counting.
Any hint would be appreciated.

Just to be clear, i don’t even care about the logs; If there’s a way to just disable them, or save them on a folder that I can delete this would be perfect for me.

Oh but you do care about some of the logs because if your HA won’t start, you’ll be looking through those logs for hints as to why it didn’t start.

We need more info on your setup in order to help you. Is this a brand new fresh install with no integrations? How many integrations are you using? Are you sure it’s not actually the recorder/history database that’s increasing in size? It’s best to post pertinent parts of your configuration file as well as what version of HA. Without basic info, we can’t help you.

Hi squirtbrnr.
Thanks for your reply. I created a server only for Deepstack and home assistant. The only integrations in home assistant is camera feeds. If I look into HA logs, nothing special is happening, no errors excessive logs. The docker logs are on folder /var/snap/docker/common/var-lib-docker/. That’s why I say I do not care about this logs, I would use the ones from HA.
My setup is:
Installed Ubuntu lts 18.04 on a VM, installed docker and then HA on docker. Unfortunally I tried so many things that I cannot say its a clean install anymore. I could always start over, but really wanted to avoid this.