Docker logs - I can't get them

I’m trying to save the herdsman’s log, but it is impossible so far by line command.
I have the HA installed as SO (HAOS) and I’ve tried to execute the docker commands connecting in my installation by SSH or by Terminal, inside my UI, and the result is the same.
When I try the logs “ha docker” command I receive the error message below:

I can only run “ha docker” command as “info” or “registries”. As you can see on the screens, these two commands are available. (and you can see I’m running as root).
How could I capture logs so?
Thanks a lot any help.

The Core SSH add-on does not provide access to the docker socket, so you’re not going to be able to control it that way. An easy way is to install the Portainer add-on and access the logs through the UI it provides.

Bear in mind all addons are docker containers. That includes the ssh addons. So when you install and connect to the ssh addon you aren’t actually ssh’ing into the host, you’re actually connecting to a docker container running the ssh service.

Also FYI @michaelblight the portainer addon was deprecated and removed from the community addons repo quite a while ago. It is no longer supported since the things it was used for was a constant source of strange issues. And basically everything users could do with it caused systems to become unsupported.

If someone else is maintaining it now you should probably link to it. Since it’s not listed for anyone ootb anymore. But I wouldn’t really recommend it, there’s better ways to get access to your logs in that guide.