Docker Question re: Backing up named volumes

I’m curious as I’ve recently moved almost everything into a Docker stack in my homelab…

I’m running several containers with named volumes (e.g. Node-Red container has a Node-Red_Data named volume for keeping persistent data and pattern this for every container that I need persistent data for). Is anyone backing up any of the named volumes if you’re doing the same? I can’t quite seem to nail it down.

  1. I’ve tried SyncThing running in Docker and mapping named volumes over to it and then syncing the data out to Synthing running on my NAS - worked ‘mostly’ until I hit a container (Unifi docker for network) where it would see the directories but apparently didn’t have the rights to traverse and grab the files.
  2. I’ve tried mounting volumes (before I tried the named volumes, I was using bind mounts to the local host file system) - but the permissions here are a nightmare and I gave up trying to keep permissions working good enough so that I could back everything up from that VM to my NAS.
  3. I’m running this all on a ProxMox server and for now - what works, but would be a mess to restore I’m sure - is a full backup of the VM I’m running Docker on over to my NAS. Not ideal, but could theoretically work ok.
  4. I’ve tried accessing the named volume directory on the VM host where the volumes or stored, but get access denied when trying to get them and I’m not touching permissions on that area! If I could have gotten access, I’d have done some kind of cron RSYNC over to my NAS and been done with it.

I’m almost out of ideas - anyone here have anything working with automated backups of persistent data (named volumes) under Docker? Just wanted to ask.