Docker rate limit reached during install - can't proceed with installation

As many of you since early November, I’ve just been hit by the Docker Hub rate limit. I do have an account, and am logged in through Docker’s CLI login… However that does not affect the supervisor.

At this moment I’m trying to do a supervised install on Ubuntu (yes, I know, unsupported base OS, but Ubuntu generally has more up to date packages, some of which I need for the other purposes of this machine). The installer ran fine and the initial hassio_supervisor container is created.

However I can’t progress any further from this point, since the Supervisor is getting the Docker rate limit messages, the ha command won’t work (can’t find the hassio_cli container, since it doesn’t exist), and obviously there’s no web interface yet, since HA itself is not running (since the containers are not loaded yet).

Is there any way I can manually add the registry login details, or should I just wait for the 6 hour limit to be lifted?