Docker + Sky connect + Matter

If been trying to set up my Home Assistant to work with matter devices and I’m failing to do so.

My current setup is

  • Synology NAS DS720+
  • Home Assistant 2023.5.4 as Docker container
  • SkyConnect USB dongle

Matter certified devices that I have are

  • Nest Hub 2nd Gen
  • Eve Energy
  • Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip

I’m able to add both devices via Matter in my Google Home app. And I’m also able to use the Zigbee integration with SkyConnect (migrated from my old Zigbee USB dongle)

After trying multiple ways to also add or link these devices into Home Assistant via the companion app, I’m running out of ideas.

  • How can I activate the multiprotocol feature of sky connect in my Docker installation?
  • What any other soft- or hardware is needed?

Has anybody with a similar setup successfully integrated Matter into Home Assistant?

in the logs of the python matter server I see this once I try to add a matter device, but don’t know how to fix it

2023-06-19 17:07:15 805e9e4373cf chip.DIS[1] ERROR Timeout waiting for mDNS resolution.

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