Docker version - confg folder oddity

image Hello all,

I’ve installed on a NUC type box successfully using the script from:

The exact command I used was:

curl -sL | bash -s – -d /srv/docker/volumes/hassio

Now this has resulted in the config folder being called homeassistant, i.e my configuration.yaml lives in /srv/docker/volumes/hassio/homeassistant/configuration.yaml rather than /srv/docker/volumes/hassio/config/configuration.yaml which I would have expected.

This is breaking lots of stuff, custom integrations, lovelace custom cards etc as they all rely on the config folder being present/in the path.

Have I done something wrong or is this the expected behaviour for the docker version of


Dockers volumes are mapped, so this makes no difference. Your configuration.yaml could be in a directory with a path /i/once/rescued/a/chicken/* but that directory would be transposed to /config/* in the docker container.