Docker + Zwave + secure add device


I need some quick help.
I am trying (again) to move my sensors from un-secure to secure.
the point is I am using Docker for me HASS container.
I manage to add the sensors securely in Domoticz, then I import the ZWAVE config file to HASS.
my point is where is the option.xml file? any idea where my key is to start with?
I dont know where my key is, and after I dont know where the option.xml is.

also, i am only using domoticz to setup the devices as i never manage to make OZWCP docker image work, if anyone have a working container, please let me know.

any help pls ? :slight_smile:



Do a find / -name options.xml in the domoticz container and you will find the file.
I’m not that familiar with domoticz, but if you never edited that file chances are you haven’t set a key.
Or can you do this through the web UI in domoticz?

Anyway, copy the file to a persistent storage (e.g. your home-assistant config directory) and then add a
-v /foo/bar/.homeassistant/options.xml:/usr/src/app/build/python-openzwave/openzwave/config/options.xml to the docker run command.

I had no problems getting the ozwcp container to run:

docker run -p 8008:8008 --device /dev/ttyACM0 --name ozwcp openzwave/openzwave-control-panel

That’s all.