Docker2mqtt: monitor docker containers over mqtt

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My quest to turn HA into a dashboard for all my home network monitoring needs continues. :slight_smile: Today I’ve released my program that monitors docker containers on a host and publishes their status to MQTT:

It’s small, lightweight, and exposes all of the events. This means that even brief restarts are captured in HA’s state table.


Thats awesome… does your program support MQTT authentication? The example does not appear to show any

It didn’t, but someone contributed that to ping2mqtt. I copied it over to docker2mqtt and a new release should hit docker hub within 20 or 30 minutes of this message.


Cool… will give it a try straight away! thnx!

Thanks for this, will give it a try.

I have more than one docker host and rather than running a Docker2mqtt instance on each host it would be great if you could connect via LAN to other docker hosts. Don’t you have plans for this capability?

I don’t have plans to add support for connecting to remote docker hosts, but I’d accept a PR for that feature. That said, I would recommend just running a copy of this on each docker host. If you do that when a host goes down all its containers will be marked down in Home Assistant at once thanks to the docker/<host>/status topic changing to offline.

when trying to run this container on a Pi based docker setup i get "exec user process caused “exec format error” after downloading and extracting the images. Could it be this image has not been build for the Pi architecture?

You are correct, I have not had a chance to setup automated builds for other architectures yet. You can clone the git repo and use docker build -t docker2mqtt . to build a container yourself. I will get this setup at some point but it’s not a trivial process. :confused:

I really like the auto discovery of container sensors. I’m using ha-dockermon primally for the ability to restart a container that likes to bug out, but setting up the sensors is a bit of a pain. I’m asking this without any idea what the implications of such a request are, but any plans on giving your container more control over the docker environment? Like enabling the starting and stopping of other containers?

I don’t have plans for that right now, but it’s an interesting use to ponder.