Does a (custom) card exist to display avg/min/max values?

Hello there,

I’ve a rest sensor giving me the min/max/avg of ozone for today.

It looks like this in dev tool:

O3_Avg              34           device_class: ozone 
                                 friendly_name: O3 Avg

O3_Max              42           device_class: ozone 
                                 friendly_name: O3 Max

O3_Min              30           device_class: ozone 
                                 friendly_name: O3 Min

Is there a way to display the 3 values, a bit like the thermostat card, with 2 knots representing the min/max and showing the avg as current value, or something?


EDIT Maybe like this card but it is deprecated

As Both is with picture-element-card as example, you can pretty much presentate Min/Max any way you want.

Actually if you do the same with below dual-gauge, you also get “free hands” to do as you like
type: picture-elements
elements: dual-gauge

Thank you for the link, but I’m not a fan of those designs. Mainly because it allows to define the min/max but not to show a “live” min/max on a fixed min/max scale.

I’m changing “slightly” my mind, do you know something like this (could be half circle-“ish”) ?


In My previous HA i used “canvas-gauges”, in it’s orig it’s not what you r looking for, but it’s highly customizable
Currently im playing with apexcharts-card, it has some radial-bar options

Is that so ? , i didn’t thought that AI were involved in what data is presented :), on the other hand i haven’t played around that much with min/max values, whether it’s from individual-sensors or attributes ( Min/Max is mainly “static” values in my “world” :slight_smile:
EDIT: Example, use 1 sensor.entity for current_value, 1 sensor.entity for Min, 1 sensor.entity for Max … Style/compose it anyway you want ( But don’t tell it that 2 of them is Min/Max from the 3rd) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

max_price: 1.472
avg_price: 0.808
min_price: 0.666

above is, electricity_price_sensor–Attributes, place 1 in each horizontal/vertical columns/bars, or stacked in Radial-Gauge

Basically, the colors are based on the recommendations for O3 levels.
Less than X is ok, more then Y is dangerous, in between X and Y is not recommended but acceptable.
Then, the sensor I get is the min/max O3 expected for today and the average “so far”.

So I’m trying to show everything at once in the most “condensed” look.
I already have a grid card with various indicators (in French) like this

There is one last space available where I’d like to fit my O3.

Ok, yes then i understand the purpose of these Min/Max, good to be aware of for many, luckily i don’t suffer to much from the various “indicators” ( what i know ) , in such case i actually would have both min/max + current And prediction

PS: maybe “canvas-gauges” is something for you then.

Lol, sorry, it reminded me of Austin Powers.
I’ll have a look at all the suggestions, so far it is unfortunately the deprecated card that I like the most.

EDIT But of course, it is misbehaving in grid layout

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haha, yeah it was only mend as example, if you are using fixed px size anyway, there is alot one can do with picture-element, and card-mod.
PS try card-mod on the “ozone”