Does a sensor sends same value through Zigbee2MQTT?

I have a several zigbee sensors on Zigbee2mqtt. They work well when the temperature changes, but it seems like home assistant does not receive any update for several hours when the value does not change. this trigger the “security” mecanism from the Versatile thermostat. Do you know how i can force this update every time 30 min max ?

Temperature & humidity sensor: ORVIBO ST30

I have set the max interval for temperature to 30 min, and it works when the temperature changes a little the resolution of the graph is now indeed 30 min (was 1 hour before). but it does not seem to send to HA if the temperature does not change.

if the value does not change, HA does not record it in the database.

Arg, so how versatile thermostat can know the value is the same ?

The thermostat does not know, HA does.