Does Alexa Media Player still exist?

I am wanting to set up my Alexa devices so I can make them speak using tts. I can get tts to work on my sonos speakers, but the Alexa speakers are not visible. I have found some videos about installing Alexa Media Player, but the instructions no longer apply (it says use i teerst ions, but it’s not there). I can find the GitHub project, but there is no integration button, and I don’t know how to do it manually.

I have installed the Alexa Integration that does exist (not media player)

Yes it still exists and works.

If you do not know how to do the Manual Install, follow the directions in the section Installation: Easy Mode and use HACS.

Que??? (10)

That depends on the certificate and ciphers you are using.

When e.g. nginx as reverse proxy, not all functionality is there as amazon seems not to totally accept all ciphers used there :man_shrugging:

Im pretty sure its dead :frowning:

There are updates in the github form recent days (3 and 4 days ago respectively)

I don’t have an alexa so cannot test.

Yeah I think its just version bumps. The main thing that people were using this for (I think) the media player part is dead. It doesn’t update the players anymore. I guess its just for TTS usage now