Does an ozw-admin addon exists for when you have a remote ozwdaemon?

I have just moved my HA instance to a VM on my SmartOS server. It’s running fine, but SmartOS doesn’t support PCI passthrough, so I can’t have my Aeotec Z-Wave controller connected directly. Hence I have installed the openzwave dockerised daemon on a Pi. Everything works as it should.

I have installed the allinone version so that I can get to the ozw-admin from a VNC client or browser. However, it would be neater if the ozw-admin element were running on my HA instance so that I have a single admin portal.

Install the application on your desktop machine, much easier:

I notice that there are windows and linux versions, but not mac. I cant immediately find a build script for a desktop client - only for docker.

How would I build this for a Mac?

The .dmg file is for mac.

I’m an eejit sometimes