Does anyone have a Bosch smart washing machine and a switchbot?

Just wondering if anyone could try if the switchbot can push the remote start button?
So flipping annoying that “safety” feature.

What is smart safety feature? I have a Siemens smart dishwasher and there is an option which needs to be enabled explicitly for remote start. Maybe you have something similar and you don’t need a smartbot.

That’s the thing.
That remote start button is annoying.
I don’t need that button and I want to be able to remote start without that button.

So when I send the command to remote star, first I want to make a call and see if remote start is enabled if not tell switchbot to turn it on, then start machine

I have an option to keep remote start option as always on.

I’m quite sure that is not an option on Bosch since the manual says it has to be enabled every time it should be used.

I will send a screenshot soon but it is a dishwasher, keep in mind

Perhaps that is different.
I don’t have a smart dishwasher.

I just don’t understand the reason for this remote start thing, if it was as yours with enable forever, sure…
But every time?

I can start the machine with a delay, that means the machine starts by itself after x hours.
But if I want to remotely start it then I have to push a separate button first.
What’s the difference?? In both cases it starts when I’m not at home.

Sharing my settings in app about permanently enabling remote start

This is my “settings”…

So, you don’t have permanent remote start option

I have to press the button on the machine for it to be remotely operated.