Does anyone have an Aeotec heavy duty smart switch?

I have my Smart Switch ZW078 paired but cant find it in my zwave network manager or my integrator, configured.

I think i need a device config yaml code to identify the component. Chatted with Aeotec and they said that they don’t have one. Very uprising! I am a beginner and struggling with my understanding of when the automatic configuration of a device happens in HA and looked everywhere for a Aeotec HDSS Yaml. Very frustrated

Also can you recommend a book that overviews HA on Ras and ideally Zwave networks. I have tried to follow the home assistant docs but uncertain about what material applies to my specific case. Again no help for the Aeotec.

Be safe

I am having trouble setting up my zw078 as well. It pairs ok and builds the required entities however they all show up as unavailable and the switch does not operate remotely.

Currently working on a rasberry 3+, with hassio at current level of 113.2, and using Zooz ZST10 S2 Z-Wave Plus USB Stick.

I did notice that depending on the screen display settings the node does not show up in the list of nodes, as it comes first in the list and is cut off by the header.


In the zwave log I noticed that it is generating regular error messages on this node:
2020-07-30 07:08:36.266 Info, Node025, ApplicationCommandHandler - Unhandled Command Class 0x32

any thoughts on how to fix this?

Turns out the problem was a bad neutral connection, once fixed the switch behaved correctly. I guess every problem is not a programming error!

As per additional wiring diagram on aeotec website the switch needs a nuetral.