Does anyone have an automation warning of the battery level on an iPhone

Hi - just wondered if anyone had an automation for warning me when my iphone needs charging.

I tried the below but the trigger isn;t working:

alias: Reminder to charge Rob’s iphone
description: ''
  - platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.iphone_battery_level
    below: '15'
condition: []
  - service: tts.cloud_say
      entity_id: media_player.hallway
      message: >-
        Rob - don’t forget to charge your phone.  The battery is getting a
        little low.
  - service: notify.mobile_app_iphone
      message: Your phone battery needs charging
      title: Battery warning - phone
        message: please charge this phone
mode: single

Your automation wont trigger if the battery is already below 15%. It only triggers when the state crosses from above 15 to below.

Also the battery state updates so rarely that this not going to be a good automation. The last time my battery sensor updated was 5 hours ago. It has been discharging all day.

As tom_I stated the battery state does not update frequently enough for this to be useful.

We use the battery state from the icloud3 setup as this updates more often for us and we use it to automate iPad charging etc